NEW GEORGE KAVASSILAS interview on BEINGS radio program in SPAIN

New interview with George on the spanish radio program BEINGS in extending much more information not given in previous lectures on the essence of who the human being is, where we came from and why we are here.

Among other things, George explains how we are being manipulated by others on the basis of fear, he makes us see why we should not be afraid of 2012. He also talks about the concept of life and God and the learning process that is assuming our experience in the Third Dimension in which most humans live yet today and how people are going to beging to raise their vibrational level to climb to higher dimensions.

From we want to ask people to listen, question and try to find the truth inside ourselves, as it is the only place where we can actually do it. George tries to help us in this process, please listen to him. Texto en Español (Text in Spanish)

After the spanish introduction, George speaks in English (minute 5):

Visit English section to get more related information

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